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We’ve missed you! Learn more about what precautions we put into place to keep you and our employees healthy and how to access certain services. See the latest branch hours and closure information here. 

Fraud and Scam Alerts during the Coronavirus pandemic

It’s unfortunate, but new scams have been popping up frequently as fraudsters try to take advantage of innocent people. There have been several reported fraud cases related to this pandemic. Please be vigilant during these times. For information around reported fraud schemes related to the COVID-19 pandemic, please learn more here. 

Frequently Asked Questions

COVID-19 has caused us to rethink how we all operate day to day. You may have questions about day to day banking, what you need to make an appointment for now, repaying loans and even how to avoid the scams that have popped recently. We have answers for many of the questions you may have in our handy FAQ’s here.

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Latest Updates: Stay up to date with the developing information surrounding PPP Loans and loan forgiveness, learn more here.
SCAM ALERT! Unemployment benefits scam – be aware. The increase in people applying for unemployment benefits has unfortunately brought out bad actors looking to take advantage of the situation. Please monitor your accounts for deposits that are not expected and for unauthorized new account openings. If you have applied for and are receiving unemployment, be sure the amounts deposited match what the DOL has indicated and that you don’t see multiple deposits on the same day.