There's an exciting change coming to our brand! 

We’ve seen a lot of change here at Kennebunk Savings in the last decade. We’ve added new branches and we’ve grown to employ more than 315 employees providing strong, stable employment opportunities for our community members. Technology has greatly improved how we do business and how we serve you with online banking, mobile banking, and fraud protection. All of these changes have helped us to give you the ability to bank where, when, and how you want.

So many great things to look back on, right?

Naturally, we also want to look ahead . Which leads us to our brand. Our current branding – how we communicate and represent what and who we are – just wasn’t aligned with today’s Kennebunk Savings anymore. Put simply, we haven’t evolved the brand as we have evolved as an organization.

One of the most important things we want our brand to convey is that the success of Kennebunk Savings is the sum of many elements. It’s the sum of who we are – our branches, our commercial and residential lenders, our insurance providers; what we care about – our customers, our community, our employees, our local nonprofits; and how we do what we do – with honesty, respect, safety, and purpose.

All of these elements are the individual leaves that form the Kennebunk Savings tree, and they all drive our purpose.

We want our brand to convey the resolve and priority we place on nurturing each of these important elements. We also want our brand to honor what hasn’t changed: our commitment that we will remain true to our roots as we serve you – today and in the future.



Another item to note is how our “Purpose Driven” tagline defines the true essence of the culture of Kennebunk Savings.

Our 300+ employees share our commitment to the communities we serve. Our mission is to make our communities thrive by doing our part to help people realize their purpose at all stages in their lives. That is our shared purpose and it drives why we do what we do every single day.


We are excited to see what the future brings. More importantly, we are excited to continue our journey with you for many years to come!

So what does this mean for you?

You will start to see some changes around our branches. Throughout February we will be updating our branch signage and some interior design elements in our branches. We will also be updating our website and other digital elements to reflect the new logo. We are making every effort to do this seamlessly; there should be minimal impact to our day-to-day branch operations.

Rest assured that all branch locations and hours will stay the same. This brand evolution does not impact our products and services. For additional information please check out our FAQs. We hope you only see additional improvements to your Kennebunk Savings experience in branch and online.

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